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Drainage is the most important element to keeping a yard.  All new housing developments in Fargo, Moorhead, Dilworth, and West Fargo have drainage plans for your specific lot.  These are called LAWN GRADES, and their one time installation is offered as a City service.  Every lot has its own Hi-Low points.  This is the point where the water starts to flow and the point where the water ends up.  These points go from front-to-back and side-to-side in your yard.  It is also important to match these points up with your front sidewalk if you have one.  It is your landscaper's and your responsibility to make sure lawn grades are put in and that your lawn is graded to these specifications.  Most Lawn Grades have an average slope of .4%% in the back yards, and a 1%% slope when draining to the front.  Most new developments have catch basins every few lots for the water to drain into.  Back yards are also designed to hold water for a period of time to ease the city storm sewer system during a heavy rain storm.

Final Grade or Fine Grading
Final Grade is essential to a good landscape and proper drainage.  This is done by grading out any irregularities and creating an even couture from the house to the property lines.  Another key aspect to a Final Grade is the dirt grade around your house.  The grade should be 2 to 8 inches below the siding and 3/4 to 1 inch below the top of the driveway.  The grade should be the same around the house and it should meet up on the other side of the driveway.  This will create an even, clean line around the house.

Edging is a perfect way to distinguish your Hardscape and Softscape from your lawn.  The most common forms of edging are:
  • Concrete: with its many colors and styles, is easy to mow around and requires little or no trimming.  It also adds another dimension to your lawn.

  • Concrete Bullets: adds a defined edge with the grass, though they are hard to see.

  • Plastic Edging: though perhaps lacking in aesthetics, is also a maintenance nightmare due to the fact that it can get cut when mowing or destroyed by snow removal equipment.  It is very rigid when cold and very pliable when warm.

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