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KBAA Consulting, Inc.
Landscaping: Softscape 

Sod is instant grass and instant beautification.  Since it is already growing, there is no wait time for a beautiful, lush green yard.  We use a high quality peat sod that is a blend of Kentucky Blue Grasses.  Once it is installed or delivered, we will discuss maintenance with you to ensure your lawn keeps its best appearance.

Hydro Seeding
Hydro Seeding is a cheaper way to install a lawn, yet with proper watering and fertilization will be just as lush and green.  The most effective way to seed a lawn is to drill the seed into the ground using a drill seeder and then spray a paper or wood mulch over it.  This helps ensure the seed will retain moisture and not blow away.  There might be some erosion issues around the down spouts in heavy rains.  One way to alleviate this problem is to run a piece of 6" drain tile about 15-20 feet out from the down spouts.

Landscape Fabric
We only use 4.75oz Woven Needle Punched Professional Landscape Fabric.  Landscape fabrics permit a certain amount of air, water and nutrients to penetrate to the soil.  Where black plastic is used, the majority of water and nutrients run off of the plastic and don't make it to the soil.  Also, a layer of organic mulch applied over landscape fabric will decompose more slowly than it would if it were allowed to come into direct contact with the soil.

Our preferred mulch is Shredded Western Red Cedar because it looks great around shrubs and trees and makes a great separation line between rock and other Hardscape or Softscape.  We also offer Cypress Mulch, Northern White Cedar, and colored Shredded Hardwood in red, gold, brown, and black.

  • Annual: a plant that during the course of a single season will germinate from a seed, flower, set seed, and then die.  Some annuals may self-sow year after year; that is, one plant will produce seeds that grow into new plants next year, but the mother plant will die after only one season (hence, they are referred to as annuals).

  • Perennial: a plant that lives two or more years - and in many cases hundreds of years - and normally flowers annually.  The plant may die back during the winter, but a true perennial will return once weather conditions are favorable.

  • Biennial: a plant that grows from seed one year, flowers the next year, and then dies.  A number of flowers and vegetables are actually biennials but are treated as annuals; a few perennials are grown as biennials; and a few biennials self-sow, which makes them seem like perennials.

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